The team

Let me introduce the te..., the qua..., the duo of Sunset!

the crazy and the other guy

Julian: He is a stormy mind, he likes the silence while coding, but as soon as his code is alive he is a pink thunderstorm. He also likes to expand his workspace, so make sure to not give him space you could need...

Leif: He just wants the silence, some music and of course his insulin. He likes to play video games, watching tv series and coding websites... This one too.

We want you!

As we're only 2 peps right now, we would like you to help us, we're looking for coders, social media influencers, translators, designers and more...

What we're looking for...

Programmer: HTML5, jQuery, CSS, Phonegap

Social Media: Influencers, Social Media Campaing Designers, Social

Translators: You should be able to speak and write English fluently and be able to translate it to another language. We appreciate everyone speaking their own language to make this app accessible to all of us.

Designers: We need you to design a lot of things, Websites, Media Campaigns, App Elements and much more...

Alphas: No, we don't want you to be our boss. Sorry. But we need alot of Alpha testers with plenty of different devices in order to squash all the bugs we don't want.

Contact the Sunset team

Feel free to join our team.

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